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Upholstery Cleaning Carlsbad, Encinitas, Vista & All San Diego

upholstry cleaning being done21 years experience has taught us how to clean every upholstery  fabric imaginable &¬†because of our experience we can tell you what to expect and allow you to make the decision whether to proceed. Upholstery
cleaning is different than carpet cleaning and requires more knowledge and experience & is best left to professionals. That being said.

What Can You Do To Keep Your Upholstery Looking Good: It starts with an attitude and a buying decision and commitment to follow through on your decision to have your upholstery look good.

First Attitude: Do you really want your furniture to look good year after year? Then don't
eat on it and especially don't let the children eat on it either. Got Pets? Keep them off the
furniture. I know it's work and a commitment but it's very important to do those things.

Buying decision:   Buy synthetic fabrics.  They're not as desireable but they are less expensive, more durable, clean better, and can look very good.  The salesmen want you to buy more expensive natural, even exotic fabrics.  Why?  Money, they cost more, wear or ugly out faster, and they make more money.  Good for them, not you.  Buy the darkest color you can live with.  It should be obvious why.  If you have children,  pets & like to watch TV on the sofa you'd be foolish to buy light colored, natural fabric.  What's the point of buying a $4,000 white, silk, couch you're very proud of and like to show off if after 6 months it looks terrible and won't clean?   Save the heartache, disappointment and money and buy darker, synthetics if your lifestyle dictates it.  Also Scotchgard your upholstery, buy a can anywhere and follow the instructions.  It's worth it.

furniture cleaning differenceKeeping It Clean:  Upholstrey cleaning is something you should have done once a year or so depending on lifestyle.  You clean everything
else in your life why not your upholstery? Regular furniture cleaning
will keep it looking better and help it last much longer.

What can you do to keep it looking good?   Besides the things already mentioned vacuum often with a good upholstery attatchment, preferrably
with a rolling brush.  Lift cushions, do both sides, & the base, etc. 
You'll be surprised what I find when I lift couch cushions, even in my own house.  This will help allergy sufferers as well.

Spots and Spills: They happen. First understand there is a difference between a spill
a spot. For a large spill turn the cushion upside down. This will help the liquid from seeping into the cushion.
Next blot lightly, you don't want to force the liquid into the foam or batting. You can also use a damp sponge to blot with. If you can unzip the cushion, blot from the inside as well. Also extract with a vauum attachment if you have one. Get as much out as possible. Now with a damp sponge, water only, rub gently trying to move the spot from the cushion onto the sponge. Go as far as you can then move on to an upholstery spotter, same procedure as with the water. Be careful to not get it too wet, as this can leave a water ring. Natural or white fabrics are susceptible to this. Another tip is to spot a larger area than the spot feathering out the moisture more and more as you get away from it. You can even even lightly clean the whole panel if possible. This helps prevent leaving a localized water ring. Always read the instructions on the label of any spotter used and follow them. 

For spots, like paw prints, dirt, anything that isn't seeping in just follow all the steps above except the upsidedown and extraction.  Please call me with any questions as there is more to this than I can write here but this is a good start.  Also don't forget professional upholstrey cleaning as part of a scheduled maintenance program and follow all the other tips given and your upholstery will stay looking good much longer.

More Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning & Care:

upholstery cleaning needing done

When we come out to do your upholstery cleaning: First we look it furniture to assess the cleaning potential.  Is it cleanable, how cleanable? We can tell pretty well what to expect.  Sometimes if we're already in your home doing other carpet and upholstery cleaning we will offer to clean a cushion to give you an idea of what it will look like.  If you agree
to let us continue we will vacuum the pieces, pre spray & spot the areas
needed.  Then clean the entire piece with our truck mounted
upholstery cleaning equipment, using 200 degree water & a very mild natural upholstery cleaning solution.   When I'm done cleaning your
furniture you can be assured that it will be as clean and sanitary as humanly possibe. 
Please call anytime with any questions relating to upholstery and furniture cleaning.