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Tile & Stone Cleaning, Sealing, Repair & Installation Carlsbad Encinitas San Diego 

We clean all ceramic & stone tile here in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceansidetile cleaning done in carlsbad
& all North County San Diego.   We"re also partnered with people who
have 30 years experience installing & repairing tile & stone. So please
call us for all your tile cleaning, grout cleaning & stone cleaning, repair
& installation.

Tile cleaning & maintenance:

There are a few things to remember about any type of tile cleaning &
When your floor is installed your grout and your tile is
sealed, if the tiles are stone.   Two very important things to remember
about keeping your floor looking as good as possible are.

First: Your grout needs to be resealed every year or two. 
The grout is very porous and can absorb spills and dirt tracked on it. If the sealer is worn from age & traffiic it will no longer protect the
grout so spills and dirt can penetrate it making them impossible to remove.  What you will have if you wait too long to reseal is different shades of grout where some areas are darker than others because of uneven wear and cleaness.   When we clean we can usually make it all look cleaner and brighter but the different shades appearance is alomost impossible to remedy.  So resealing your tile and grout is vital if you want it to look as good as possible for as long as possible.

bissel used for tile cleaning

Second:  Do not use a mop and soap on your tile and stone!  When we mop out of a bucket of soapy water we don't normally get all the soap off the floor.  There's usually a residual left that builds up over time leaving you with a sticky residue, especially in unsealed grout, that attracts dirt.  Then we constantly walk on it and drive it deeper into the grout and thus we have light and dark spots.   So what can we do?

Sweep and use a steam mop as often as pratical.  You should sweep your tile floors often to keep the dirt we walk on from scratiching and dulling the finish. This of course doesn't happen over night but will gradually until one day you'll notice that the floor doesn't have the same bright appearance it once had.  Sweep often especially in traffic lanes. tile cleaner working

Next, Steam Mop as often as possible.  You can get a steam mop from Home Depot, Best Buy, etc.  Bissell and Shark make good ones and are well worth the money. They clean using steam made from distilled water.  They leave no residue and along with regular sweeping & spill clean ups are all you need to do to maintain your tile and stone floors.  Of course, don't forget to reseal every year or two and just prior to resealing whether you do it or we do it you should have your floor professionally steam cleaned.

Feel free to call us anytime with any questions with questions about tile cleaning, stone cleaning, grout cleaning & tile repair and installation.