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Carpet Spotting Guide:

How to handle various spots, without calling us: Common spills, soda, beer, most clear liquids:beer spot carpet cleaning
Many common spills including the ones mentioned above can be handled by the homeowner at least temporarily if done right and can put off having to call the carpet cleaner. Even some very difficult ones like coffee, tea and red & other colored drinks, (Kool-Aid, etc) can be done very well, again, if done correctly and immediately. Here's how. As soon as you see the spill hopefully immediately get a clean towel or paper towel and blot, blot,blot until you're not getting any more. Then get a wet, clear water only, towel and blot, blot, blot again until you're sure you're not getting any more of the offending liquid up. Then get some dry towels and put them over the spot and literally stand on them, pushing them down until you're sure you got as much of the moisture out of the carpet as possible. If the liquid went down clear as soda and beer usually do, you're done. All soda spot carpet cleaningyou should see is a wet spot and when it dries it should be almost, if not invisible. This will do until you want to call your carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet or upholstery. If you have a portable carpet cleaner like a Bissel or Hoover you can do more. Spray your spot with a good commercial carpet cleaning spotter you can get most anywhere. Call me and I'll recommend some. Rub it around and go as deeply as possible let it sit for a few minutes then rinse the spot with your machine with very hot clear water only. Do not put their soap into the machine it will make it worse because you will leave much of it behind and it will leave a sticky residue that will atrract dirt. Try to extract as much moisture as possible and your good to go til next time you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned. The spot will probably reappear in time and you can use you portable carpet cleaning machine to repeat the process. Even when professional carpet cleaners clean spots this happens. It just cannot be avoided, but at least it looks better and will for sometime. Other spots like milk, salad dressing, spots with color and urine need more than I just mentioned, but again their damage can be minimized if taken care of right away. I'll cover them next time.

Dog & Cat Urine and Odors?
This is one that carpet cleaners see often and is one of the most frustrating of all spots and odors. Cat pet urine spot cleaning
urine odors are especially difficult and often impossible to remove if an area has been hit several times
which is usually what happens. You need a couple things, to at least be able to improve the situation.
One is a black light, the other is a good enzyme deodorizer. You need to have these things when it
happens, not have to run to the store after it happens. If you see the dog or cat urinate on the carpet,
immediately blot, blot, blot until nothing is left to blot. Then pour the deodorizer right on to the carpet
until it squishes when you step on it. The idea is to saturate every inch of carpet, pad and sub floor
that was hit by the urine and to have it stay wet for at least 24-48 hours. You wiill no doubt have to
repeat the process until the odor is gone or liveable. Even the label on the depdorizer will say you
will have to repeat. The reason for lthe black light and more info on what to do with pet odors can be
found HERE .Please call anytime for help as this is a tough one and I'm happy to answer all questions.

Rust On Your Carpet?
rust carpet spottingCarpet cleaners see rust on carpet almost everyday. How does it get there? Often times it's the carpet cleaning that causes it. The cleaner moves a piece of furniture with metal legs or tabs on the bottom of the legs and doesn't put a protector under the leg. Maybe he forgot or wasn't thinking or was too tired or he cleaned right up to a leg and got it wet all around and the water on the carpet migrated underneath and caused the metal to get wet and rust. This can and often happens. Also if you live in a very damp area, rust can form on the leg or tab and bleed on to the carpet. Too if you spill on the furniture and water runs down the leg or if you spill near the leg water can migrate underneath causing the metal to rust. Many reasons only 1 fix though and it has nothing to do with any spotters you buy at any local store. Rust is a very special kind of spot and takes a specialized spotter to remove it. Nothing else will work. Don't bother with the the driveway rust removers from the home improvement stores either as they will not work. Rust can be easily removed by any half way knowledgeable carpet cleaner fairly easily. If you must do it yourself, you can go to a carpet cleaning supply store here in San Diego County and get some rust remover and apply it yourself. Call me and I'll tell you where. Just apply and walk away until the rust disappears, usually takes a few minutes, then rinse out or blot with a very damp towel to dilute. In all cases follow the instrux on the label.