Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Carlsbad
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Everyday Low San Diego Carpet Cleaning Prices

If you call around you'll usually find 1 of 2 things. Either prices are much higher because companies have higher overhead. They spend on employees, more and showy advertising, new trucks, etc. All these things cost them and they have to pass the cost on to you. Make no mistake none of these things help them do a better job. In fact sending an employee to your home usually means less quality. No one cares more than the owner of the business. I am owner operated, I do all the work.

The other thing you'll see are much lower advertised prices. These are the bait & switchers.  Don't be fooled, they have no intention of cleaning your entire house for 89.00, or 3 areas for 29.00. It costs more to do the job than that. They just want to get in your home and start adding for this and that hoping you'll buy. Again don't be fooled, no one gets an entire house of carpet cleaning for 89.00.

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning carlsbad
  • Rooms up to 150 sq/ft    $30.00
  • Rooms over 150 sq/ft call for a Free Estimate
  • Stairway   $40.00

Upholstery Cleaning

  • 6 ft long couch   $75.00
  • Sofa & Love Seat   $145.00
  • Lazy Boy Chair  $40.00

Mattress Cleaning

  • King Size  $60.00
  • Queen Size   $50.00

Tile Cleaning

  • Clean Tile .40 sq/ft
  • Seal Tile  .40 sq/ft