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Pet Odor Treatment Carlsbad Encinitas San Diego:

pet odor treatment Eliminating urine odors from carpet can be difficult at best, impossible at times. I will approach it's treatment from 2 aspects. First, what you can do. Then what I, as a professional carpet cleaner with years of experience can do.

First: What You Can Do For Pet Odors:

Before we begin though, I'd like to repeat, so you know without a doubt and despite what anyone says, pet urine can be very difficult, if not at times, impossible to eliminate. If you have an area that an animal continues to use as a toilet & it's been going on for sometime, you're in for a difficult time eliminating the odor. Even if you do, what prevents the animal from doing it again.
That being said, what can you the pet owner do. First, go to your local pet store and buy the best quality Enzyme Deodorizer Spotter they sell. Even if you don't need it now, you have to have it at all times because the time it takes to go buy it after your pet has urinated can be critical. So get it now, so you're ready to use it when you need to.

Next be aware of your pet's behavior, where it's likely to go, when it's likely to happen, etc and check often. Look for dark spots on your carpet that could really be damp urine spots. If you determine iit is, nose test can work well, then immediately blot & blot; deeply. Try to soak up as much as possible. If you have a small Bissell type home carpet extractor, extract with hot water only, no soap. Flush and extract several times. When you feel you've gotten as much of the urine out as you're able then comes the Deodorizer.

urine odor treatmentObviously read and follow all instructions on the label. Some important things to keep in mind are that you must saturate every inch of the spot. More deodorizer has to go on & in your carpet than urine. The pad under the carpet should squish when you step on it. You really want to soak it and have it stay damp for 24-48 hours giving the enzyme time to work its magic. If the instructions on the label say differently follow them, but I doubt they will. Often times, as it will say on the label, it will require multiple applications. That's probably true more often than not. So repeat the process until the odor is acceptable or gone.

Vital in all this is a Black Light. When the room is completely dark hold a black light close to your carpet and walk all around the room. The urine spots will glow a yellowish color. Then and only then will you really know the extent of your problem. Treating 4 spots does no good if you have 8 spots, etc. Buy the best quality black light you can find and use it often to discover problems before they get out of hand.

To conclude:
Look for damp spots everyday in areas where they are likely to be. Blot and blot or flush and rinse with water only if you have an extractor.
Saturate all spots thoroughly immediately with your Enzyme. Use a black light at night to locate spots you may have missed.  Repeat when necessary.

Second: What I can do as a Professional odor treatment process

I can do more than you especially in the extraction process. My powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment can flush & extract carpet much better than anything a homeowner may have.

If you were to call me to treat your pet odors, I would first insist you go to a Home Depot or any other store to buy a black light bulb or a complete black light unit. Neither being very expensive and a wise purchase for someone who owns pets. The reason is, that it is much less expensive for you to buy a light and shine it on your carpet yourself at night than to pay me to come and do it for you. Once you see how easy it is to do and have the light you'll be able to do it forever. While your shining the light the night before I come, you'll want to surround completely with masking tape every spot you find. You will find more than you expect.

The next morning when I arrive I will treat the spots with the product I use, which is different in that it works on contact. Then I will thoroughly extract deodorizer and water from carpet. This product works better for my use because it can be extracted immediately. At the same time I'm there I'll teach you how to treat these spots yourself with enzyme deodorizers, the process is the same, so you can do it for yourself.  In most cases multiple applications are necessary and this way you don't need to pay me to come out and do it again. "Teach a man to fish". You will learn, save money, and feel good about treating pet spots from then on. Please call me anytime with questions.