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Our powerful Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment & Premium Non-Toxic Cleaning solutions assure you of the cleanest, healthiest carpet & rugs possible and the price we quote includes everythng!  All services that other carpet cleaners charge extra for when they arrive at your home are included, including traffic lane treatment, all spotting and stain removal, etc.  Everything that you would expect a carpet cleaning company to do is included.  No fuss, no gimmicks.  We value your business & trust.  Next some interesting facts about carpet cleaning.

What to do about spills and spots.   Spills and spots are different.  Spills are seeping down into the carpet while spots are just sitting on the top, (like dirt from outside, foot prints, etc).  With spills you must immediately begin to blot and try to stop the spill from seeping down into the carpet & pad.  The deeper it goes, the more likely it is to wick back up after cleaning.  So blot lightly  to get it as dry as possible, then you can try to move the spot from the rug onto a rag or sponge by rubbing lightly with water 1st, than try a quality carpet cleaning spotter.  Please always call me with any carpet cleaning questions.  I'm always happy to help.

carpet cleaning stairs in vistaWhat makes our Carpet Cleaning Natural & Healthy?  It starts with the carpet cleaning solutions we use.  We  have a wide array of detergents and feature Procyon.  It is soap free, odor free, all organic and natural, colorless, non-allergenic, non-toxic and no VOCs.  Because many people today suffer from intolerance to detergents and other cleaning compounds we use this earth and people friendly cleaning product whenever possible.  Please bear in mind though, that no detergents used in the carpet cleaning industry are harmful to your health when used properly.  If this were the case these detergent manufacturers would be sued out of business very quickly.  It's just that some people are highly sensitive to detergents and Procyon takes care of that.

For very soiled carpets though we recommend allowing us to use a little stronger type pre spray or detergent, still not harmful at all to anyones health.   Sometimes you need the extra cleaning power that our other specially formulated carpet cleaning detergents pack.  But we let you make the decision.  We also use a variety of citrus base spotters and pre sprays to help with the extra oomph we need sometimes.

What can you do to make your carpet cleaning experience the best it can be.   To make it go as quickly and easily as possible please move all cars that I may block when I park, before  I arrive.  I need to park as closely as possible to an entrance of your home, so that usually means in the driveway.  If the cars are out of the way before I arrive I can start right away without you having to scramble to find your keys and move car.

Next please schedule late enough in lthe morning so that everyone is out of all rooms to be cleaned including bathrooms, bed rooms, etc.  9 AM seems to work for most people and that's usually a good time for me as well, although I can start earlier or later if necessary.  Also please remove all breakable items from tables, etc I will be moving.  It is not necessary to move all furniture when cleaning carpet.   We recommend moving just the things you can spill on or walk near.  It's not a good idea to clean carpet then put a heavy piece of furniture back on it.  It makes it take a long time to dry even when we put blocks under it.  We are able to move anything you like and will, just know that it's not always a good idea and we will charge more to move furniture because it takes longer to do.

What about after the job is done.  You must remember that when you walk from the damp carpet onto hard flooring, tile, wood, etc that the hard floor can be slippery. You should put towels down so that when you walk off the carpet onto tile, etc the first step you take is onto the towel, so you can wipe your feet dry.

What color carpet should I get.  Apart from personal preferences a good place to start is color.  Try to buy a color that is a little darker than the dirt outside your home.  In fact the darker the carpet the less it shows spots, etc.  So if you have children, pets, husbands that like to work on cars and that kind of thing, the darker the better.  Low cut, thick pile carpets respond to carpet cleaning well, dry faster and are easier to spot.  The thicker the pile the better.  This can cost more but is worth it.  Also carpets that have Teflon or Scotchgard applied to them are good and come with some warranties.  Well worth looking into.