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carpet cleaning room encinitas Coffe  Spill.  One of the most common things to spill is coffee. Carpet cleaners see this almost everyday.  It is one of the biggest correctable challenges in the carpet cleaning industry.  I say correctable because it can usually be fixed.  When it first happens it's not hard to get it up with very wet blotting and then rubbing after the blotting stops working.  But after the coffee dries it's a different story and it's almost impossible to remove.  You're better off to call the carpet cleaners.  We have specialty spotters formulated for coffee that usually work.   Also once the spot dries there's no immediate hurry to call as it will be no more difficult to remove if you wait for a time. As with all spots though the sooner the better.  Please call anytime with any questions about carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

Budget your carpet cleaning & upholstery cleaning. We understand the economic times so we've come up with a better way to budget for carpet cleaning, etc.   Now when you call instead of telling us what you want cleaned, tell us what you want to spend.   We will ask a couple questions and determine if we can do it in a way that can please you.   Like how large your house is, how many rooms need cleaning, if you have pets & children.  Then we'll determine if it's possible. Usually it is. You'll be amazed how much your carpet and upholstery cleaning budget can stretch if you only clean what really needs to be cleaned, usually traffic areas & spots. We can also do more if your house is ready for us. Light furniture moved, vacuumed, personal items picked up, etc. If this doesn't appeal to you we're always happy to give you an estimate in the conventional manner. This is just one more way we want to help to try and reach your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs

Spring Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers. Spring is a great time for carpet & upholstery cleaning, especially for those who suffer with allergies.  Cleaning the carpet and upholstery will help remove much of the dust and pollens that make their way into your home.  Especially important is it to clean under your beds and along the headboards where we hardly ever vacuum.  Dust bulds up and can really cause problems.   Upholstery cleaning also helps remove the dust & pollen leaving your furnishings in a more healthy state. 

Inside Old Pillows: Clean pillow cases may be “wrapping up something really nasty,” says Art Tucker, principal clinical scientist at St. Barts Hospital, London. The Times of London, which reported on his research, states that after two years’ use, more than one third of a pillow’s weight is “made up of living and dead dust mites, dust mite faeces, dead skin and bacteria.” Pillows are good incubators for allergens, germs, and mites. A solution? “Mites . . . dry out and die when exposed to sunlight,” says The Times, “meaning the old fashioned practice of airing bedding helps control mites.” Soaps do not kill mites, but washing pillows at more than 60 degrees Celsius [140 degrees Fahrenheit] will do so, and will rinse most of them out.   Our carpet cleaning cleans at over 200 degrees & also flushes out things like dust mites.

Why Every Home Should Have A Bissell Type Portable Carpet Cleaner:
Every home should have one of these carpet and upholstery cleaners. Many things we do to our carpet and upholstery like spills and track ups can be fixed without calling the carpet cleaning comapny. But to do it right you need a way to extract the spotters you use. Enter the portable carpet cleaning machine we're talking about. To do it right though you need to use it correctly, which happens to be not the way they tell you. Instead of putting their soap into the machine and running it, you want to spray your spotter directly onto the spot, then fill the machine with only hot water and then rinse the spotter and the offending spot out with clear water. Other wise you just dump more soap into the water and the machine doesn't really have the extraction power to properly get it all out. Soon we'll talk about various spots and how to properly clean them using this machine and maybe avoid having to call the carpet cleaners.

Do I Really Need to Seal My Tile & Grout? Theoretically your tile and grout should have been properly sealed when installed. Is there any reason to do it again and maybe again? The answer to that question is, it's not whether but when. Yes, you should definitely have your tile and or grout resealed periodically. How often depends on how large your family is, what room in your house is tile and how much your tiled rooms are used. If you have a large family, 4 or more and cook a lot, you should think about having your kitchen tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed at least every year or so, maybe a little longer, but not much. Sealer wears out, or gets ground off by foot traffic. If you have grout exposed to the elements for very long it will absorb grease, dirt, etc whatever lands on it and because it's so porous it will be very difficult to clean out. Thats why you always see different shades of grout on a floor. Some areas the sealer is worn off and lthe grout is getting darker. While on other seldom used areas everything remains intact and looks good. Please call me with any questions about tile cleaning and sealing, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and anything we do. We are always happy to answer questions.

Hiring A Carpet Cleaning Company Pt 2:
Last time I spoke about the fact that carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning companies aren't all the same. Even if they have identical equipment and knowledge they don't necessarily do the same job. The biggest factor in hiring a carpet or upholstery cleaning company is how much the worker, the guy who comes to your home cares and how much time he'll spend trying to do the best job possible. You can know how to do something, even have the proper equipment to do it but, that doesn't necessarily mean you'll do it. And the biggest factor in my opinion in this is the kind of company you're hiring. Is it a large company that is sending employees to your home or is it a small owner operated company where the owner comes to your home and cleans your carpet. Without a doubt the owner has more at stake and will work harder to please you than an employee. It's just a fact. So when looking to hire a carpet or upholstery cleaner ask if the owner will be doing the work or an employee will be coming out. There are several good owner operated carpet cleaning companies in San Diego so keep calling until you find one. You'll be glad you did. Oh, and by the way did I mention that I am an owner operated carpet cleaning company? Please call anytime & let me explain.

Microfiber upholstery cleaning information: In my cleaning business I come across and clean many microfiber couches. The first thing people usually tell me when I come to their home is how well it will clean because it's "Microfiber." I'm sure they say this because the salesmen tod them. I've even heard from some that microfiber is bullet proof when it comes to cleaning and removing spots. Now I like microfiber as much as anyone and they do clean as well as any fabric, but they are not in any way bullet proof. I think salesmen who tell furniture buyers this are doing them a great disservice. If you feel that your couch is bullet proof, you may have no qualms about letting your children eat and drink on it, no problem with allowing your dogs on it and so on. Unfortunately though, many of the things that happen when people do these things are not correctable, especially if it's allowed to continue. I have come across upholstery that I wouldn't clean because I knew I couldn't make the owner happy. I've cleaned microfiber couches on the insistence of the homeowner and have seen the disappointment in their eyes. The point of all this is that no upholstery fabric is bullet proof and if you want to keep yours looking good for many years there are some guidelines you should folllow. See them here. And in the meanwhile if you ever have any questions about upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning or anything else I do please call me anytime. 760 753 7373. Thank you.

Price Shopping? I'm always amazed when people call and the first thing they ask is how much do you charge? Why do people think that the most important thing about carpet cleaning is price? When women shop for a dress do they look for the cheapest one and buy it or when men shop for tools or cars, etc, do we look for the cheapest one and buy it? Aren't we thinking about quality, value, etc? In carpet cleaning the cheapest is never the best. If someone's price is low it usually means he's taking shortcuts like not drying well, not spotting well enough, not doing something so he can go faster to justify his lower price. That's just the way it is. Quality and cheap don't mix. When you shop for carpet and upholstery cleaning ask what the cleaner is going to do. Will he spot, pre condition the traffic lanes, etc? How long will it take to dry, will there be any extra charges when he gets there, etc? When they come out, hold him to his price. If he's not willing then ask him to leave. In fact ask him to leave anyway because if he asks for more money and you don't give it to him I promise he'll do an inferior job because he's not getting paid what he thinks he should. The point is ask about quality, experience, what the job will involve. Price should be asked about but not until you find out what you're getting.

What is All Natural Healthy Carpet Cleaning? First of all let me say that very little about carpet cleaning and is unhealthy.Carpet cleaners don't use dangerous methods and cleaning solutions especially in areas like Carlsbad, Encinitas, Oceanside and really anywhere in San Diego County.  If we did then the we would be poisoning ourselves everyday and if someone else got ill they would sue not only the us but also the manufacturer of the carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions.
So what do I mean then when I say that I am a Natural, Healthy Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.  All my cleaning solutions are earth friendly, scent free and free of any trace of toxins.  Primarily I go the extra mile so that people who are sensitive to detergents and scents are not adversely affected.   If you have any afflictions involving your sinus or allergies you know what I’m talking about.  If not, we have other cleaning solutions we can use that are a little more aggressive and still are not harmful or toxic in any way.  They do clean a little better, and we are glad to use either method depending on what you want. More Tips